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Ashley Heywood

Marketing & Tech Director



I was born in Bangor, lived in Cyprus for a bit and then did the rest of my growing up in Stafford, where I have lived ever since.

Leaving education at the age of 16 with no idea of what I wanted to do or be, I worked in retail, logistics and hospitality around my studies before deciding to find a way into the marketing industry. My work history to that point was by no means glamorous.

In at the deep end

I started my career in marketing at the age of 19, working at a specialist internet marketing agency. While daunting, demanding and plain hectic at times, the role forced me to learn quickly and apply that learning to live marketing campaigns, leaving me with many of the skills any successful online marketer needs.

Since working agency-side, I have held internal positions at two companies. Fast forward to January 2019, I took the leap to join Robbie in becoming co-founder and Marketing & Tech Director of Hunter Heywood. 


While most people seek to skip ad breaks at every opportunity, I have always been fascinated in advertising and the psychology behind it. In fact, my work on advertising may be what brought you to this website!

Regardless, hopefully, my work on this website and its content will be what prompts you to pick up the phone and work with us if you aren’t already. In addition to supporting you with any recruitment needs, we can also offer support with your employer brand and help you raise the profile of that brand.


Having worked with, designed and managed websites for over seven years, I’m no chump when it comes to design and user experience. 

My technical know-how and experience was the driving force behind our Hubs and will ensure that the hubs are constantly developed, refined and improved to deliver the best possible experience for all of our customers and candidates.

Soft side

In addition to being a Marketing & Tech Director, I’m also a bang average Sunday league striker!

On the odd occasion I’m not in the office or working on the go, I can usually be found spending time with my wonderful fiancée, Shell; at the gym or playing/watching football. 

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