IT Recruitment

Booming demand for tech talent and dwindling supply is putting strain on IT leaders all over the UK. If you’re reading this, you might be feeling that strain.

We work hard to understand your needs and source people with the skills, experience and approach you need. Then, we use what we know about you and your business to sell the opportunity to them. 

Hire hard-to-find IT talent

In such a competitive space, normal just doesn’t quite cut it.

We go above and beyond to source and introduce people who can help you meet your objectives, from top-drawer developers to absorbed analysts and much more.

Person using laptop

Here’s what people thought of their experience with us:

“All candidates put forward for interview were extremely capable and matched the specification perfectly and I had an excellent choice.”

“I would highly recommend Hunter Heywood and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again”

K.B, Senior Sales Manager