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Celebrating Six Months of Refreshingly Transparent Recruitment

Hunter Heywood recently turned six months old. To celebrate, we're giving you a short but sweet, honest insight into our journey so far.

Here's the video:


[00:04 – 00:22] Robbie: So yes, the last six months have been incredibly exciting, very insightful, very rewarding.

I’m so pleased that Ash and I took the leap to do it; we couldn't have done without our investors but I wouldn't change anything for the world.

[00:23 – 00:41] Ashley: The last six months have just been incredible.

It's been a roller coaster at times, hard work, but I think that's what makes it so exciting because you know there's plenty of challenges involved in running a business and it's getting over those hurdles to start with and continuing to do that as you grow.

[00:42 – 01:06] Robbie: I think the high point for me has been actually the feedback from our clients, which bizarrely has been they've found us very refreshing. That's what we set our stall out to be, refreshingly transparent, and for me that feedback has been the most pleasing to receive over these last six months.

[01:07 – 01:26] Ashley: I don't think I'd narrow it down to one highest point.

I think that every time we've met with a client, there's been synergy between us and clients or candidates, I just think every one of those meetings has been the high point for me.

It's great to know that there are businesses locally that truly get on board with the way the way we want to work.

[01:27 – 02:01] Robbie: What I've learnt over the last six months? I've learnt that I've probably got more patience than I thought I had.

When it is your own and Ash and I do move quickly, we are able to make decisions quickly, but sometimes yeah we almost have to rein each other in because we're just so keen, we're so passionate.

The learning curve for me has been 'Woah' sometimes, just put the brakes on Robbie, think, you know, not all candidates and clients can move at the same pace as you want to and that is a big learning curve.

[02:02 – 02:09] Ashley: I've grown so much over the past six months.

You have to step up to the plate and I think it will make you or break you but we've loved every second.

[02:10 – 02:15] Robbie: So, what am I most excited for for the future or the next six months shall we say.

It will be continued growth. It will be continued recognition and awareness of our brand.

We've just started to grow the team here at Hunter Heywood. We would love to be in a position where we can hire more people that want to come and be part of our culture and what we're building here.

The recommendations and referrals that are coming through now, that are incredibly valuable to us, they're just going to assist in our organic growth.

[02:16 - 03:05] Ashley: I'm most excited in the next six months to just keep working with Robbie to grow our team, you know, we've already started growing the team, continuing to add to our capacity, meet more clients, work with more candidates, raise the profile more of Hunter Heywood, produce more content that's useful for our clients; PDFs, resources, video, all of that kind of thing.

I think it's going to be really exciting.

[03:06 – 04:05] Robbie: The first taste of being a business owner... Wow. Daunting, frightening, exciting, all of those things and more.

I think when it is your own, you feel the emotions a hundred times more. It's constantly on your mind, Hunter Heywood, it is 24/7, even in my sleep you know it never goes away, it's always on your mind.

I wouldn't change that for the world I hasten to add, it's an incredible experience, one that I'm genuinely pleased I'm managing to share with Ash. I absolutely couldn't have done it without him, wouldn't do it without him. He brings everything to the table I'm not; the marketing, the tech. The 'Merlin' as I call him - makes all the magic happen.

Whilst I say, yeah, it is an emotional roller coaster, I would absolutely recommend if anyone has got that slightest burning passion to do it for themselves, absolutely do it, go for it.

[04:06 – 04:09 ] Ashley: The first taste of being a business owner has been absolutely fantastic.

[04:10 – 04:34] Robbie: So we'd just like to take the opportunity to thank everybody.

Everyone that's supported us. All of our clients, all of our candidates, our investors obviously, we couldn't have done it without them.

We hope you enjoyed this short little insight into our first six months and we're just genuinely really looking forward to working with you all in the future.

Thank you for your fantastic support so far.