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Robbie Hunter

Recruitment Director

Open, honest and down to earth

I'd say I developed the above traits through some amazing years in my early twenties spent working on cruise ships and travelling the world. Continuing with the travel bug I back-packed around Australia for a year.

Retail beginnings

Having grown up in North West London and beginning my career in retail, I quickly learnt that with life, love and work - you truly get out what you put in.


Once I had travelled and seen a fair part of the world I returned home to London and began my career in Recruitment - it happened unexpectedly - working for a national mobile phone retailer in their flagship Tottenham Court Road store I was introduced to the wonderful world of recruitment!


I was captivated by having the opportunity to sit down with a complete stranger and be able to quickly build rapport and trust to ensure the interviews were productive.


That is a skill I believe people are born or blessed with and it is that interaction with people that has kept me in the recruitment industry for 20 years and counting!

Moving up north

Three years into my role as the Internal Recruitment Manager for O2 Retail, I was headhunted to join the internal recruitment function for the Caudwell Group - I made the move up north and haven't looked back.


My time in the Recruitment Industry has brought many challenges and I can reflect back on how much I have grown and achieved so far.​ I have waited all my life to do this and I am incredibly excited about the future.

Soft side

Outside of work I am settling into my new home with my partner Vicki. We have moved to a semi-rural location with wonderful views and have spent most weekends (weather permitting) creating a lovely outside living space.


I also have a book inside my head that I have wanted to start writing for some time - alas the list of jobs seems to be never-ending and the book remains in my head rather than on paper!

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