About us

Recruitment is an industry totally focused on people. You might agree it’s strange then that recruitment seems more complex and impersonal than ever.

We set out in January 2019 to do it better. To offer recruitment services that focus on the needs, wants, ambitions, aspirations and objectives of people.

Our approach

We believe that great recruitment can change people’s lives. Whether that’s by securing a new role that takes you a step closer to the family home of your dreams or by introducing exactly the person you need to recapture your work-life balance.


We also know that great recruitment relies totally on trust. So we focus on building partnerships, understanding your needs and delivering results in the right way. To earn your trust and become your go-to advisors.

It’s a privilege to help people grow their businesses or careers and a responsibility we take incredibly seriously.


years of combined

recruitment experience


star-rated by our

clients and candidates


key focus in everything we do: people

Our people

Photo of Robbie Hunter

Robbie Hunter

Co-founder and Director

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With more than two decades of experience in permanent recruitment across all sectors and seniorities, Robbie is an experienced and tenacious recruitment partner.

Robbie began his career in retail before being attracted by the bright lights of recruitment in the late 90s. Quickly realising he had the knack for it, he’s been in the industry ever since.

What’s kept you in recruitment for 20 years?

“Recruitment definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, but every so often you get to change someone’s life or help grow someone’s business. Then it all makes sense.”

Photo of Ashley Heywood

Ashley Heywood

Co-founder and Director

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Ash started his marketing journey at the age of 19, diving in headfirst at a digital marketing agency in South Staffordshire and working across a wide portfolio of clients.

Today he applies his marketing skills to attract the talent our clients need and manage the development of the tech side of our business, Hubs.

What do you enjoy most about recruitment?

“From a marketing perspective, it’s interesting to meet and work with such a wide range of businesses who, in turn, have so many different talent markets they’re trying to tap into.”

Join our team

We're a small team but we're mighty. We work hard and smart to deliver for all of our clients and candidates. We're not afraid to ask for support and we always help each other out.

If you share our approach and want to learn more about what we can offer as an employer, get in touch today or send your CV to rhunter@hunterheywood.co.uk. We're always on the lookout for the right people to join our team.