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Looking to Boost Recruitment Results? Focus on Convenience

I moved house a month ago. That was when I realised just how many things I didn’t own.

I didn’t own a garden hose, or a filling knife, or paintbrushes, or those grippy things that keep screws from falling out.

That’s not it either. I barely owned a long enough bit of paper to write the full list of things I didn’t own on.

And this wouldn’t normally annoy me. It did though because the only thing longer than my shopping list was the list of things that needed doing. A list that didn’t include “traipse around town doing an impression of someone who does DIY".

But armed with 30 minutes and my phone, it was all ordered. The dog and I were back happily dismantling the garden, and all the bits I needed were on the way.

Technology made it convenient

As a customer, it was a doddle for me to figure out what I needed, find it, learn more about it, and order it. All I needed was a device and a little bit of internet – the businesses I bought from provided the rest.

So they should though, right? If they want your business, it’s in their interest to make your purchase as easy as possible. Especially considering convenience is by far the most significant driver of online purchases.

Drivers of online purchases

Chart showing drivers of online purchases from Google article, '8 ways consumers in the U.K. adapted their shopping behaviour this year'
8 ways consumers in the U.K. adapted their shopping behaviour this year, Google -

Well, the candidate is your customer

In the modern world of recruitment, this is the mindset you need to have.

Adopting it and building your process around it can help you collect more relevant applications, interview quicker, and reduce costs. All by reducing dropouts and maximising conversions.

So, break your hiring process down into stages and ask if there’s more you could do to make it convenient for someone to find or apply for your roles.

  • Can people get all the information they need from your adverts? If not, what’s missing and can you add it in? If you can’t add it, can you include links to learn more?

  • Is it easy for prospective applicants to learn about your employer brand?

  • Are your open roles easy to find on your website and accessible through social media?

  • Is it easy for people to apply using just a CV and some basic details, or do they have to complete a more in-depth application form? If they have to complete a form, are there any parts that can be removed or collected at a later stage?

  • Can people complete an application from a mobile/tablet

Time yourself completing your own application process. If it takes longer than 15 minutes, you could be losing as many as 73% of potential applicants.

  • When it comes to arranging interviews, are applicants given multiple days/times to choose from? If not, is this something you could offer?

  • Do you make use of remote interviewing in the early stages of your process? If not, could you?

  • Do you send follow-up meeting invitations to applicants? Do they include all of the information they’ll need, e.g. address, phone number, video interview details, anything they’ll need to bring, etc?

If in doubt, keep it simple

Keeping things simple can feel quite complex, but time spent simplifying is time well spent. Reducing unnecessary complications will make your process more convenient for everyone, meaning a better experience and better recruitment results.


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