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56% of People Prioritise Workplace Culture Over Salary

According to Glassdoor’s latest survey, more than half of people prioritise culture over salary when it comes to job satisfaction.

The average UK worker will spend just over 82,000 hours of their life at work. That could be broken down over the course of their life or in one non-stop nine-year and 134-day shift. Usually the first option.

You spend a huge amount of your life at work, but you don’t live to work, so it might surprise you to learn that over half of people value workplace culture over salary.

And a higher percentage would consider culture before applying

Compounding the need for a defined and engaging mission, culture and values, 77% of people would consider a company’s culture before applying for a job. 89% believe it is important for an employer to have a clear mission and purpose.

The figures are just as telling when it comes to employee retention, with 65% of employees claiming that their employer’s culture is one of the main factors keeping them in their job. 71% would consider a move, should their current employer’s culture deteriorate.

“Employers are having to work harder today to source, attract and retain talented workers,” said Robbie, Recruitment Director at Hunter Heywood. “These latest figures highlight the need for businesses to plan and build for a strong culture in the long term, aligning their recruitment efforts to bring the right people on board and make that culture a reality.”

“More and more employers are now realising that it’s no longer enough to offer a role with a salary, but it’s important that businesses remain sincere when considering their culture, values and mission,” added Ashley, Marketing & Tech Director.

“Shouting about your business being something it isn’t will only serve to further disengage your existing workforce and, while it might help you attract talent in the short-term, could cause your employee attrition to spike when new employees realise your business, culture and/or working environment is not what they were led to believe it would be.”

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