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It's Official: We're Moving

Just weeks after celebrating our first year in business, we’ve signed the lease to our new head office.

It seems like yesterday we were sitting at Robbie’s kitchen table, speculating about all the things that our first year in business would have in store for us: the opportunities, the challenges, the trips to Bert’s for a burger.

And on two of those points, we were right. 2019 was packed with opportunities and plenty of challenges. So many in fact that finding time to head to Bert’s was much rarer than we thought it would be.

Probably a blessing in hindsight…

We’ve been so fortunate in our first year to work with some amazing people and help them to grow some brilliant businesses. Now it’s our turn.

Why we’re moving

Being based in the centre of Newcastle has been brilliant. There’s a strong sense of community among businesses in the area and we’ve really enjoyed being part of it. It’s just that moving forward we wanted to find something a little bit different.

Somewhere that every future member of our team can park and somewhere that their (well-behaved) dogs can come too. An office with facilities to enable running or cycling to work, that reflects the brand that we’re working to build and helps us to attract talented people who want to be part of building something.

An office and location that gives people the option of coming to work somewhere that’s a little bit different.

Lucky for us, we found exactly what we were looking for.

Dunston, here we come

This February, we' moving to our new office on Dunston Business Village, just south of Stafford.

The new office ticks all the boxes for us and also gives us the opportunity to work in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside while still being just five minutes from an M6 junction in one direction and a mainline train station in the other.

We’ll still be around

We are so proud to have forged relationships with some of Stoke and Newcastle’s most exciting businesses. Relationships that we’re looking forward to continuing from our new home.

The decision to relocate is not one that we took lightly, but by making the move, growing our business and building the culture and environment we’ve always had in mind, we’re confident of providing an even higher level of service to clients and candidates.

Why not pop in and say hello?

Whether you’re an existing customer or candidate, a consultant looking for a new challenge or just fancy a brew, pop in! You’ll find our new office at:

Barn 2A Dunston Business Village Stafford, ST18 9AB.


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